The Story of the

Purple Rug

A member of his congregation invited Rev. Peter Ilgenfritz to the Seattle Weavers' Guild Sale. Politely he accepted and stopped by the sale with no intention to buy anything.

However, a purple rug grabbed hold of of Peter and would not let go...

This story tells why a hand-woven rug became deeply significant in Peter's life, Peter's appreciation of the weaver, Marjorie Fiddler and how the purple rug will remain a part of Peter's life forever.

You can find Peter's blog entry at the University Congregational United Church of Christ website.


The Story of the Guitar Strap Ambassadors

"What started out to be a (guitar) strap order turned into a friendship, a fandom,..."

Annie MacHale perfectly captures the essence of this story about the friendship between her and Greg Glassman that started with an order for a guitar strap. Greg's appreciation of Annie's beautiful bands (woven on an inkle loom) is reflected in Annie's appreciation of Greg's music. Two different folk art traditions (weaving and music) complement each other and harmoniously combine to even greater effect.

The Story of the

Gourmet Weavers

Every two months, twelve weavers in and around Whatcom County, Washington, close to the Canadian border get together to enjoy each others' company and good food; to talk about their latest weaving projects and new trends in the weaving community.

Join the Gourmet Weavers at one of their meetings and find out how the group's placement project resulted in a special bond between the friends, a bond by which the weavers are remembered even after they departed the group.


Rx Weaving

The Playroom / The Chaplain

Can there be a connection between a weaver and the owner of a textile even when they never have met and don't know each other?

The surprising answer is given in this story in which weavers of the Seattle Weavers' Guild donate scarfs and 'prayer shawls' to chaplain's office of Seattle Children's Hospital. Knowing that their shawls are going to severely ill children, the concern, care, love, and prayers of the weavers is woven into the fabric. The children (or their relatives) who receive these shawls sense this and cherish their shawls as a sign that someone is thinking of them, supporting them, helping through difficult times: Anonymous connections that are deeply felt at both ends.

The Story of the Ravenstail


Reports from the earliest western explorers of the Pacific Northwest mention beautiful robes with striking geometrical patterns worn by Native American leaders. These were the first descriptions of the Ravenstail Robes, a skill that was later  replaced by Chilkat weaving, discontinued and ultimately lost. Only eight complete historical Ravenstail Robes and some fragments have survived.

Cheryl Samuel studied these robes and reverse-engineered the twining technique used to produce them, leading to a revival of the technique and its appreciation among the native peoples of the American Northwest.

This story tells about the friendship between John Beard (a student of Cheryl Samuel) and Janice Jainga Lonergan a Tsimshian dancer and weaver. A friendship that is facilitated by weaving and spans across cultures.