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What others thought about Interlacements

“It resonates on so many levels. I hope every weavers' guild in the country will adopt [this film] for their programming. It will touch a lot of lives.”

Linda Ligon
     Founder Handwoven Magazine       Publisher Thrums Books

“As a weaver, I have been unable to put into words the deep joy that comes from weaving. This film embodies that joy ... Weavers everywhere will love it and non-weavers will want to weave."

Madelyn van der Hoogt
     Former Editor Handwoven Magazine 

“Extraordinary. I want every indigenous weaver in the world to see this [film]. With their cultures under assault by "modernity", with the the threat of extinction being so real, I think this would give them both strength for the present and hope for the future. It would also be good for every kind of "helping program" like the children's hospital shown, such as occupational therapy education, counselors of all kinds, and countless others. Anyplace the soul matters… ”

Deborah Chandler
   Author of "Learning to Weave"
   Past Director of Mayan Hands weavers’ co-operative