The First Screening

Interlacements – Threads and Lives was first screened on November 28th 2018 in a private screening for the Seattle Weavers' Guild in Bloedel Hall of Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle.

The Seattle Weavers' Guild supported the filming with a grant  for which we express our deepest gratitude.

The screening was preceded by a brief introduction about the making of the film and the hopes for it's future, as well as a dance performance by the Tsimshian Haayuuk dance group, blessing the movie.

Summary of pre-screening activities:

Photo Gallery:

SWG screening-1.jpg

The reaction after the screening: 

The full pre-screening program:

Marilyn and Rainer Romatka explain how the idea for Interlacements - Threads and Lives was born, talk about their experience filming and editing the documentary, and their hopes and future plans for the movie.

Members of the Tsimshian Haayuuk dance group (also featured in the final segment of Interlacements – Threads and Lives perform Native American dances to 'bless the movie'.